Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Antiques Motorcycle Club of American

Boomers Bike Shop has joined the Antiques Motorcycle Club of American. WE are happy to try and start a Chapter in the lower east side of Michigan. Working with a few guys trying to get things moving.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Writer at the Horse BC?

That's right there is a new article in the Horse BC magazine, its called Dicker and Flip'r. You guessed it Boomers Bike Shop is writing it. The article is about everything we do at the shop, buying a selling motorcycle. Its one of reasons I haven't been able to post on here in awhile. but I'm getting back at it. Check the article in any of the Horse BC mag and let us know what you guys think!!

We're Still Here!!

I know its been awhile sense I posted to the blog but the shop is still here and doing great. We've had some side projects going on and doing a lot of riding, buying, and selling stay turned, tons to come!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Sunday Drive

My uncle never takes a day off and I think that is because he loves what he does, they say you never really work a day in your life if that is the case. It was a nice Sunday afternoon and he asked me I wanted to go for a drive. I said yeah sounds fun. Before to long i was walking though a swamp, back by a barn; pulling a 71 triumph and an old sears motorcycle back to our truck. Nothing like a Sunday drive.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bike Night at Sharks Club

Thats right we are doing it again, and giving away another Harley. Come stop by May 8th and get free dinner check out our new t-shirts that we will be giving away and the 17th Harley we are giving away for FREE

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sins Of Steel 2014

It's coming, and it's looking bigger then ever, Sins of Steel...

A Tight Ride Home

We get guys stopping by the shop all the time with leads on parts hoards, by when Ron Finch stops by with one you tend to listen. Ron told us he had a friend with a generator Shovel for sale. After some phone calls we made our way to a man named Dave's house. What we found was a generator shovel in a wide tire (300) rolling frame. The only problem was that Dave wanted 8500 for the roller. After Boomer and him dickered a bit we found some parts and asked Dave to though them in on the deal too. He said oh you bros want parts want parts. After a few stair cases later we ended up in Dave's attic, which was full of old parts. Our little shop van was packed floor to ceiling, and the back doors open riding down the road. Three guy rode in the front which was designed for two people. All in all in was a good find and some good times with friends.