Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Places We Find Them

b>Not long ago we had bought a 2009 FatBoy, and we don't normally buy a bike that new. So we wanted to move it fast. Boomer called a old friend he said he would buy it right away. I had no idea the friends was part owner of Wolverine Harley Davidson. He was nice enough to give us a full tour of the shop. It just kept going and it was full of bikes and parts, I didn't know there was manly people that rode in Michigan. It was so big he had some cool cars stored there also. While we were there Boomer Found a 68' Triumph, and a 71' Ironhead.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Merf's Chopper Shop

Not to long ago, I got a text from a guy I met over the summer named Merf. He had some parts for sale down at his shop. Merf was always welding on something and working on a shovel, so I couldn't wait to get down to his garage and see what he had hidden in his shop. When Boomer and I pulled in, he had a little garage he was renting behind his house him and his buddy's lived at. Man what a cool shop. He had three bikes him and his friends were putting together. It was every bit of the word of Chopper Shop. Merf was super cool, we had a beer or two with him. Boomer and Merf hashed out a deal and I snap a few photo's of his kick ass shop.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Whats in the barn?

We get a lot of customers that come thought the shop, and boomer always ask if they have any old parts for sale. Steve was no different. So after asking him for the 100th time, Steve finally come on out to the barn. So one night after Boomer and I closed the shop, we jumped the in the van and head for Steve's. What we though would be an easy trip turned in to a drive thought the wood. Steve had a 100 acres of land with a house and barn right in the middle of it all. after the track though the woods we made it to the barn. Steve had 7 bikes in different stages inside his barn. Very cool to see, so after a beer or two boomer mad e a deal and some how I loaded all the parts with my aunt and girlfriend. All in all a cool way to spend a Wednesday night. So always ask "what's in the barn"

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Easy Rider Bike Show 2014

Last weekend Boomer, Me, and our buddy Shawn MFC packed up and headed down to the Easy Rider Bike Show in Ohio. Man what great show. Their was all different kinds of bikes there. Everything from Baggers to cool old Choppers. We walked around, had way to much to drink, watched some people get bad tattoos, tried to take pictures of everything, and got into a few magazines along the way. Then met up with Thunder Roads of Ohio who hooked us up with some free tickets to the after party. Jasmine Cane rocked the house. We lost Shawn somewhere between the gay bar and after party. All in all it was a great night, made some new friends and we all had a blast. I took a hundred photos and will try my best to get them all up.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pony Cycle

It all started with a Shovelhead engine that we had for sale at the shop. A guy called us and asked if we wanted to do some trading, and said we could stop by and check out what he had. So the next day we set off. When Boomer and I got to the spot, we found the Pony Cycle. The Pony Cycle was manufactured right here in Clarkston Michigan and this man's father was the owner and designer of it. It was cool to see all the history in this guys garage, and I could see he loved motorcycle of shapes and sizes. He had owed pan's and shovel's over the years and wanted another. So after we did a little trading for a 1968 XLCH he had a good motor to start with. Here's a few pictures.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FLH Clean Up

We've had this bone stock 1972 FLH shovelhead, that we have been trying to sell with no luck. So one night I decided to make something out of it. I striped it all down, and made into what I though was cool, with the parts I had on hand. Not to crazy just striped down, with a lower shocks and a 21' front wheel. It sells right any online, and of course John, the guy who bought the bike, he wanted it more stock. So one more late night and this bike was ready to ship out in the morning. The weather was prefect to load a bike, and by prefect I mean 18 degs and it was snowing. But all in all the shovel went to a super cool guy and I hope its a great bike for him. Here's some before and after pictures, and a picture of us loading it up today.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Dyna for Sale

Got a cool 1995 Dyna in the shop. This bike runs great and has a ton of custom work on it. Call Boomer for info.